Space Planning

Our space planning & layout design service is a Complimentary Service, feedback from Clients suggests that they find it really useful.

What they like about it is, that it helps them to visualise their new office & gives them the comfort that in advance of any works, that they are using it to its full potential and that all their needs will be catered for.

How it works…All we need is the internal size of all the walls, position of walls (ideally windows too) the rough area you would like the various teams in & the position of posts/pillars.

Or please do feel free to request us one of our team to visit the site with you, where we will conduct a site survey and do this for you.

We in turn will meet with our qualified & experienced space planning team, who will design a layout with initial options for you in both 2D & 3D, which will be provided within 5 working days.

At this point, we will also make some suggestions that will you have you on the way to achieving your perfect office

These typically are perfect discussion documents for you to review, subsequently we can make any additional changes/modifications that you may require.

It is also re assuring to advise that all space plans and drawings provided by Office 365 are designed within the health & safety guidelines for the working office.

Once you confirm your happy with the layout, we will then prepare a detailed quotation for you.

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