Meeting Point Furniture

Award Winning Modular Furniture that Facilitates a Multitude of Spaces Through the Use of Easy to Assemble Modules

Different shapes can be configured through Hive, making every space unique to the needs of the environment. Adaptable and infinitely flexible, Hive has integrated technology including power modules and fixed or free-standing TVs and displays. Hive also flexes with a great selection of fabrics and finishes, to reflect the brand and culture of any space.

Integrated Technology
• Hive has been designed to integrate power modules and data points into a number of accessible positions
• Fixed or freestanding TVs and displays can be accommodated in a variety of configurations

• Complete your Hive design with integral work surfaces and tables, with or without integral power units
• An acoustic canopy with lighting creates a private space within an open environment

Fabrics & Finishes
• Hive can be upholstered in a wide selection of fabrics and colours. The list of recommended fabrics can be
found by calling us now.
• There are several top finishes for all work surfaces
• Work rails have the ability to support a range of useful accessories and work surfaces