Collaboration Seating

An office must be focused on employees. Meetings involving a group of 3–4 people are considered most effective, while less formal meetings are believed to increase a team’s creativity.

An office based on the open space concept is sure to have a positive impact on teamwork – 67% of those surveyed claim that the possibility to work with other colleagues increases their job efficiency. However, this space arrangement may also have a negative influence on acoustic conditions. Therefore, a well-designed office should include sectioned-off areas for holding spontaneous meetings.

Office work requires constant concentration to perform everyday duties “at full steam.” That’s why a favourable work environment and acoustic comfort are of great importance.
Noise is known to be one of the major aspects that cause occupational stress in an office. Research shows that distracting factors in a workplace can decrease employees’ productivity by 40% and increase their rate of making mistakes by 27%.

Shown below are a very small selection from our collaboration seating solutions ranges, please do feel free to contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation, at which we will would be very happy to provide initial solutions for consideration.

We will also take dimensions of the proposed area along with and design a detailed drawing of the working space, to help you visualise the area in use as a collaboration area, that we hope you would find useful as part of your decision making process.

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